Soda (or pop) may taste great, but these sugary drinks are not only full of empty calories, but some sodas even contain ingredients that can harm your health. Isn’t it time to give up soda? If you’re trying to slim down, achieve a new figure, or just live healthier, try these five great-tasting soda alternatives that are actually good for you!

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Now, here are five healthy alternatives to soda that taste good and can also help you live your best life.

1. Coconut Water

Naturally sweet and refreshing, coconut water is an ideal alternative to sugary sodas. You can find coconut water in almost every major supermarket from a wide variety of manufacturers. Athletes, in particular, love coconut water because it is chock-full of electrolytes that help them stay hydrated throughout the toughest workout. Coconut water also contains a wide range of nutrients and has other benefits.

2. Shrubs

Shrubs combine the natural tartness of vinegar with the sweetness of fruit for a satisfying drink that has been quenching people’s thirst for over 400 years. You can purchase an almost endless number of premade shrub syrups online or try making your own. Mix with flat or sparkling water for the perfect summer (or anytime) drink.

3. Water Kefir

You probably already know about milk kefir, the popular fermented milk drink with a slight fizz. But did you know you can make a non-dairy version with water which is healthy and delicious? You can make your own using reusable water kefir grains, water, and sugar. Once you master the basic recipe, the sky is the limit when it comes to flavorings.

4. Kombucha

Kombucha is similar to water kefir since both are fermented drinks. But instead of using water kefir grains to do the work, it uses a mix of bacteria and yeast, also known as SCOBY. Like water kefir, kombucha has multiple health benefits such as antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Many people find kombucha an acquired taste. So, it is a good idea to pick up a bottle from the local grocery store to see if you like it before investing the time to make it yourself.

5. Seltzer

Carbonated water provides all the fizz of soda without any of the calories, coloring, or artificial flavors. If you want a touch of flavor, buy a pre-flavored variety, or add a splash of fruit juice or shrub syrup. Are you trying to cut down on your packaging? Try making carbonated water at home.

How PureSculpting Aesthetic Centers Can Help

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