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Renuvion is perfect for:

  • Skin Tightening  
  • Breast lifts 
  • Neck lifts 
  • Non-surgical arm lifts 
  • Post procedure recovery
  • Post pregnancy loose skin  
  • Love handles 
  • Man-boobs 
  • BBL (Brazilian Butt Lifts) 
  • …and so much more! 

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is a nonsurgical skin-tightening procedure designed to improve the elasticity of mild to moderately loose skin. People develop loose skin as they age, lose weight, or as the result of another cosmetic procedure. The Renuvion device helps remedy this problem. It heats the connective tissue under the skin to stimulate tissue contraction, resulting in a smooth, taut appearance.

Unlike traditional lasers, the Renuvion device uses helium and a proprietary radiofrequency energy, meaning it doesn’t heat the skin as much as similar techniques. Lower heat means less thermal damage to surrounding tissue, making the recovery process easier. 

At PureSculpting Aesthetic Centers, our plastic surgeons in Jacksonville and Tampa offer Renuvion treatments alone or in combination with other procedures to tighten sagging or loose skin. The guide below explains how Renuvion works, what the procedure is like, and how to tell if you’re a good candidate.

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6-week before and after images of a woman's arms after Renuvion treatment
10-week before and after image of a woman's abdomen after Renuvion treatment

How Does Renuvion Skin Tightening Work?

Renuvion uses a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat subdermal tissues below the skin, stimulating tissue contraction. It then immediately cools the treated area to prevent tissue damage. 

Here’s how this process works inside the device: 

  1. The Renuvion is filled with helium gas. Some of the gas is heated with RF to transform it into plasma. Since helium gas requires less energy to become a plasma, there is less heat and risk of damage to the treated tissue. 
  2. Helium is a naturally cold gas. Once the treated area is sufficiently heated, the remaining unheated helium is used as an immediate cooling agent to soothe and protect the treated area. 

This process encourages soft tissues to contract, resulting in noticeably tighter skin.

How is the Renuvion Procedure Performed?

Before your procedure, you’ll first have a consultation with your plastic surgeon to determine where you’ll receive your Renuvion treatment. 

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon administers an anesthetic to prevent discomfort. You can choose a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area, or a general anesthetic so you can sleep through the procedure. 

Next, the plastic surgeon applies the Renuvion device under your skin through tiny entry points.  The helium plasma and RF energy are emitted simultaneously through a slender hand-held wand to provide an even application just below the skin’s surface. It’ll quickly heat the plasma to the ideal temperature for tissue contraction, and then use the remaining helium gas to quickly cool down the area in less than a second. 

Though the wand is inserted under the skin, this procedure does not require incisions and is considered a minimally invasive procedure. You’ll have minimal scarring (if any) and have immediately visible results in the treated areas.

Combining Renuvion & LipoSculpting Liposuction

In addition to Renuvion, PureSculpting offers LipoSculpting liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure that uses rapid vibration and mild suction to break down and eliminate unwanted fat deposits in the body. Many of our patients in Jacksonville and Tampa choose to combine these procedures. 

LipoSculpting can reduce stubborn fat around the abdomen, hips, arms, and other parts of the body, while Renuvion can tighten skin in the areas where the fat was removed. When combined with our LipoSculpting procedure, Renuvion treatments also use the same small entry points in the body, which reduces postoperative discomfort and scarring.

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Renuvion?

Renuvion can be used on most areas of the body where sagging or loose skin is an issue. Specifically, Renuvion is designed to improve the elasticity of skin in the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Breast
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Thighs

If you have additional areas of the body you’d like to improve with skin-tightening, these can be discussed during your consultation with your plastic surgeon in Jacksonville or Tampa, FL.

Side view of a woman with lines on her body indicating body contours and a blue background
Both men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of their sagging or loose skin

Who is a Candidate for Renuvion Treatment?

Both men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of their sagging or loose skin can be candidates for Renuvion. In particular, Renuvion is an appropriate alternative for patients who don’t want incisions or the extended downtime associated with more invasive surgeries. 

To find out if Renuvion is right for you, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our plastic surgeons in Jacksonville or Tampa to evaluate your body type and suitability for the procedure.

How Do I Prepare for My Renuvion Appointment?

Preparation for Renuvion is very simple! There is no general anesthesia required. Most patients go along their regular daily routines before having this procedure performed. Every patient is evaluated based on their individual health history and a plan is developed between you and the provider to render the best results for your skin.

What is the Renuvion Recovery Process Like?

Since the Renuvion procedure is minimally invasive with no surgical removal of tissue, patients experience less pain, discomfort, and downtime compared to more invasive skin-tightening procedures where large skin excisions are made. 

There will be some healing required after the procedure around the areas where we make small entry points for the Renuvion device. In general, the recovery time for Renuvion varies depending on the number of entry points made and the size of the areas treated. 

More information about Renuvion recovery can be discussed in your consultation with our plastic surgeons.

How Long Does Renuvion Skin Tightening Last?

Like with any procedure, how long Renuvion results last varies from patient to patient. Most patients have immediately visible tighter skin. 

Additionally, Renuvion results can continue to improve with time, as additional skin tightening can occur for 2-4 weeks after the procedure. Many patients report seeing the results of Renuvion treatment last for years.

How Much Does Renuvion Treatment Cost?

Renuvion treatment costs vary depending on how many areas of the body are being treated. The cost of Renuvion in Jacksonville and Tampa, FL, starts at $2,000. 


5.5 month before and after images of a man's face after Renuvion treatment

51-year-old-male | Vaser liposuction

100ml Fat Removed.

Renuvion is used subdermally on jowls and neck.


4-week before and after images of a woman's back after Renuvion treatment

26-year-old-female | Power Assisted Liposuction

1200cc Fat Removed

Renuvion used subdermally on back and flanks


Before and after images of a woman's arms after Renuvion treatment

32-year-old-female | Liposuction

600cc Fat Removed

Renuvion used subdermally on anterior and posterior arms


Before and after images of a woman's stomach after Renuvion treatment

42-year-old mother of two | Liposuction

175cc Fat Removed

Renuvion used subdermally on entire abdomen

Additional Renuvion FAQs

Can you do Renuvion without liposuction?

Yes, Renuvion can be done as a standalone procedure if the goal is to improve the elasticity of sagging or loose skin. Renuvion can also be combined with other procedures, like LipoSculpting, to tighten the skin around areas where other cosmetic work is performed.

Does Renuvion require general anesthesia?

No. At PureSculpting, your Renuvion treatment uses a local anesthetic, where you’re awake during the procedure. 

Can you do Renuvion more than once?

Yes, however, most patients require only one or two Renuvion treatments to achieve the tighter skin they’re looking for. The results tend to last for years. In order to maintain your results, you may choose to undergo further Renuvion treatments every few years as needed.


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